123TCS Gift Card Payments for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce custom gift card extension



Easy integration with WooCommerce


Quick and easy to setup


User friendly extension of the checkout page


Gift Card payments visible in backend order details


Rollback of gift card(s) when secondary payment fails


123TCS is a company that provides a platform for gift cards, (e)-vouchers and loyalty cards. For their Cardbase Point Of Sale Webservice they provide a SOAP API for webshops and Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) to connect their payment services.


A lot of webshop owners don’t have an advanced webdeveloper that has the skills to integrate the provided API. This can deter potential customers from using the services from 123TCS.

Another important aspect is that the gift card payment has to work together with the available payment methods. It can be that the order value is more than the balance on the gift card. If it’s possible to do a remaining payment then care should be taken to handle the case when the remaining payment fails or is canceled.


Since a substantial amount of webshops use WordPress with WooCommerce it was decided to create a dedicated solution to lower the threshold for this group. A WordPress plugin is now offered to facilitate those webshops.

The plugin integrates the gift card payment API from 123TCS and works independent of the installed payment methods (e.g. the default WooCommerce payment methods, Mollie, Stripe).

When there is a remaining amount after subtracting the gift card(s) from the order total it is possible to pay a remaining amount with another payment method (e.g. creditcard, iDEAL).

When a secondary payment method fails the gift card(s) is /are rolled back.

The plugin comes with a simple settings page for easy setup on the admin side.


The checkout page

Checkout page

Admin order details

Backend order details

The admin settings page

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